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Upgrades to Consider


Please read this option carefully . If you have troublesome receptacles throughout your home it can be extremely dangerous to let them go un-fixed. The cost of replacing those devices in your home are not as terrifying as you might think. We come across fire hazards all the time with concern to this. In most cases, we will have a handful of receptacles to show you “from your own home” that have burned, discolored evidence. Please don’t take those worn-out receptacles lightly. They are a fire hazard waiting to happen. Please replace them as soon as possible. Call us for a quote today!




Tired of looking at those old worn out fixtures? Wanting to upgrade your lighting fixtures throughout your home and have a more up-to-date look in your home?.. Pick out the fixtures of your choice and get a free quote today that won’t break the bank!




Do you dread opening the utility bill each month? Try doing an efficiency upgrade throughout your house and bring that cost down substantially. We can walk you through all the ways to save. It can pay for itself in the long run!